[vdr] [Announce]: Master-Timer 0.6.2

Matthias Schniedermeyer ms at citd.de
Tue Mar 8 11:20:39 CET 2005



- "Any"-match that matches any of the title/subtitle/description/actor-fields
- New little helper programs "modt.pl" and "delt.pl"
- New alias "copytimer.pl" for "migratetimer.pl", which doesn't delete the
- For movie.pl/serie.pl the "--done"-option has a new "--[no]ask"-option

- "resolv-conflicts.pl" (Which still doesn't stand up to it name, but with
   the new helpers from the paragrah above it got a bit more helpful)
   - now shows consecutive conflicts as a single block
   - before every instance a line of dashes is show for better visibility
- vdremu.pl pings a dbox2 when it tries to start a timer and deletes the
   timer if the dbox2 didn't answer, to prevend "empty" recordings if you
   forgot to switch on the dbox2.

Bugs fixed
- Fixed margins for the "=0"-Case (Default-Margins where used in this case before)
- Deleting a entry in "deepblack" didn't work if you had "rememberdata=1" and
   you did not remove "program.dat" before rerunning master-timer

- I removed a feature i called "fastmatch", which pretested an EPG-Entry if it
   matched a title/subtitle/description or actor of any torecord-entry
   Depending on your configuration you might note a slight increase or decrease
   in performance of the master-timer.pl-part, but i don't think it is noticable
   (Can't say for me, because i have all "special"-cases for which the fastmatch
    was circumvented anyway)

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