[vdr] hardware recommendations?

Craig Sanders cas at taz.net.au
Tue Mar 8 11:46:55 CET 2005

[sorry to take so long to reply.  been v. busy this last week]

On Tue, Mar 01, 2005 at 08:09:35AM +0100, tony wrote:
> What you need to look for are brand name LCDs. That isn't the name
> on the screen often enough. You want Samsung, Sony (some are made by
> Samsung) or other big name brands.

thanks for the advice.

> Sounds like you need high resolution (over 1280 x 1024)? Sony make
> 1600 x 1200 TFT for about 1300?. That is what I paid for a 19" iiyama
> tube that went pop one week after the end of the guarantee...

i'm running my current CRT in 1792x1344 @ 75Hz.  if i could find a decent LCD
with at least that resolution (couldn't go any smaller, would prefer larger
but the 201P gets a bit fuzzy at higher resolutions) for a reasonable price
then i'd be tempted....but i'd probably still wait for a while.

i paid around $2000 AUD for the 201P about 3 years ago.  imo, "reasonable
price" means under $1600 AUD, and even less in six months[1].  $1AUD ~=
$0.78USD at the moment.

[1] this is the key point for me.  i'm happy enough with my current screen,
and it has at least a few more years of useful life left in it.  the longer i
wait before replacing it, the cheaper and better and bigger the replacement
will be.

my suspicion is that there are some quite large price drops coming for good
LCDs in the not too distant future.  we've already seen some, but i think
there's a lot more to come.  fortunately, i'm in no hurry :)


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