[vdr] VDR on DBox2

Carsten Koch Carsten.Koch at icem.com
Tue Mar 8 12:01:29 CET 2005

Huber, Matthias RD-CP1 wrote:
> Now I try to get VDR running on a DBox2. The tuxbox project (Linux for
> Dbox2) incorporates a patched vdr-1.2.6. I could get this installed, OSD
> works, remote control works with LIRC.
> My problem is, if I try to replay a recording from the server via NFS,
> data gets streamed, but I see no pictures and hear no sound...
> Is anybody else running VDR on Dbox2 ? 

I was.
Actually, I also created the 1.2.6 dbox2 patch based on an earlier
version by Alexander Olk (check the mailing list archives for details).

Replay worked here with the patch you have, but many other things
did not, due to features that vdr used, the linux dvb driver has
and the tuxbox dvb driver does not have.

I guess the reason why replay no longer works must also lie in the
newer tuxbox dvb driver you use.

The whole thing became too time-consuming for me, so I bought a
barebone and installed a "real" vdr on it.

> Is the recording format (of 001.vdr, e.g.) backward-compatible from
> 1.3.17 to 1.2.6 ?

I do not think that the problem is there. See above.


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