[vdr] After upgrades, vdrcd + mp3 + dvd broken

Jussi Mantere jmantere at kekkonen.cs.hut.fi
Tue Mar 8 15:31:17 CET 2005

Hi list,

last weekend I did a pile of upgrades, upgrading the DVB drivers to latest
CVS version, VDR to 1.3.22, dvd-plugin to latest cvs, mp3 to 0.9.11 and
vdrcd to (from, I recall, 1.3.16, a December cvs, 0.9.7 and
0.0.10). cdfs remained as 2.4.20.

Previously, all has been well: you insert a disc, select "Play Disc" from
menu, and it either mounts it as
CDFS or ISO9660, depending on whether it's an audio cd or dvd, then it
starts playing.

Not anymore: now, depending on how you start VDR, it always mounts the
disc as CDFS or ISO9660 --> either audio cd doesn't work, or DVDs launch
mplayer instead of the dvd plugin.

So, with startup "-P vdrcd '-c /mnt/cdfs /mnt/dvd'" you always get CDFS
mount, with "-P vdrcd '-c /mnt/dvd /mnt/cdfs" you stop getting correct

Did I miss something, or has something gone kaputt in the new versions?

. jussi mantere
. http://www.iki.fi/obs/

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