[vdr] Problem: amd64 and EPG / EIT Receiving

Manuel Hartl icecep at gmx.net
Wed Mar 9 20:53:55 CET 2005


somethimes ago on this list Ari Huttunen said, that vdr (at least my version 1.2.6) has a 
problem with EPG receiving on AMD64 / 64BIT-Mode.

i now can confirm this. and it cannot be a configuration problem: i used the same vdr 
installation (except for the binaries of cours) for a 32bit and a 64bit gentoo linux system.
addititionly i used the same compiler for both systems (gcc3.4.3). even the compiler flags 
are the same.

a funny thing is: the whole rest of vdr works. even setting the system time via EPG seems 
to work.

maybe someone with deeper inside into 64bit differences can show into this. i changed back 
to a 32bit-based system, but i have the 64bit left on the drive (for tests maybe)


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