[vdr] schedule oddness

Sergei Haller Sergei.Haller at math.uni-giessen.de
Sat Mar 12 10:34:53 CET 2005

On Sat, 12 Mar 2005, Craig Sanders (CS) wrote:

CS> i use tv_grab.au and xlmtv2vdr to import xmltv listings into vdr. vdr 
CS> also populates the schedule automatically based on the DVB electronic 
CS> program guide. i don't know if it's different elsewhere, but the EPG 
CS> here in Melbourne gives you the details for the current program (on 
CS> the current channel) and the next program.....this is why i use xmltv 
CS> to get the next few days worth of program guides.
CS> what is happening is that instead of replacing the schedule entry 
CS> imported by xmltv2vdr, the DVB listing is added to the schedule, so i 
CS> end up with schedules like the following:

IIRC, the DVB EPG contains an event id for every event (schedule entry), 
which is used to identify events and changes. So if the start time 
changes, they send the same event with the same event id and a different 
start time, and thete are no dublicates.

Now, the tv_grab.au and xlmtv2vdr use some other source (websites?) to 
fetch the schedule data. and the websites use different event ids (if at 
all) than those transmitted over DVB. There you go: you have the same 
event twice (with two different event ids), one from DVB EPG and one from 

one solution would be to disable DVB EPG completely, but then you would 
lose the detailed summary of the events, which are not imported by 
xmltv2vdr. Of course, you could check why the detailed description is not 
imported by those two programs: due to the lack of them in the source they 
use or just because they don't import the detailed information.

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