[vdr] EPG question

Lars Bläser lars.blaeser at lycosxxl.de
Sat Mar 12 12:47:31 CET 2005

Harald Milz wrote:
> Hi,
> my son last night came up with an interesting question. Why can't I read
> EPG descriptions of broadcasts on a different channel than I'm currently
> watching? E.g. I was watching the news on ZDF and he wanted to check what
> was up on Galileo on Pro7 without switching channels. I mean, the EPG data
> is there, there's no technical need to switch channels when all I want to
> do is see other channels' EPG descriptions... has anybody thought about
> this?

press menu, press 1 (schedule), press green (now), choose the channel
you want, press yellow (schedule)

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