[vdr] schedule oddness

Markus Ehrnsperger Markus_Ehrnsperger at yahoo.de
Sat Mar 12 19:12:06 CET 2005


Some EPG providers, e.g. SAT1 A, are not using the event id in a correct way.
You can use the

NO_EVENTID_ON = <list of channels>

tag in vdradmind.conf to mark these channels. It should work fine than.


Am Samstag, 12. März 2005 13:30 schrieb Sergei Haller:
> AFAIK, if the broadcaster sends correct data (i.e., the same event id with
> new start/stop time), then VDRs EPG just replaces the old event with the
> new one.
> if the broadcaster sends a wrong event id or no id at all, you can't do
> anything about it.
> I don't know what vdradmin does.
> c ya
>         Sergei

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