[vdr] xine OSD wrong when scaling

Olaf Titz olaf at bigred.inka.de
Sat Mar 12 20:56:11 CET 2005

I'm using VDR 1.3.22 with the xine plugin 0.7.2 and xine compiled from
today's CVS. The display is to a 1024x768 screen and xine is started
with -pf to scale the image up as needed. (Currently using -V xshm
because I can't get vidix to work[*] but that shouldn't matter at

Using any of the various OSD blending modes with the xine plugin
doesn't work. The OSD gets severely distorted, looks like the
beginnings of lines get shifted around. Perhaps something confuses the
different resolutions? (X11 overlay works but gives a too tiny window...)


[*] Does anyone know how to tell X11 _and_ vidix on a G550 dualhead to
leave the other CRTC alone? What I want is a regular X11 display on
the first screen and fullscreen video on the second. I've tried
various combinations of framebuffer and X11 based drivers, all of them
seem to mess around with the other screen...

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