[vdr] schedule oddness

James Lamont tuuw at tuuw.homes.com.au
Sat Mar 12 23:37:49 CET 2005

Craig Sanders wrote:

>i've noticed duplicates in the schedule listing in vdr.  
>i use tv_grab.au and xlmtv2vdr to import xmltv listings into vdr. vdr
>also populates the schedule automatically based on the DVB electronic
>program guide. i don't know if it's different elsewhere, but the EPG
>here in Melbourne gives you the details for the current program (on the
>current channel) and the next program.....this is why i use xmltv to get
>the next few days worth of program guides.
>what is happening is that instead of replacing the schedule entry
>imported by xmltv2vdr, the DVB listing is added to the schedule, so i
>end up with schedules like the following:
>12:00 - 12:30 Stateline                  [1]
>12:03 - 12:30 Stateline                  [2]
>12:30 - 13:00 Australian Story           [3]
>12:30 - 13:00 Australian Story           [4]
>13:00 - 13:40 Foreign Correspondent
>13:40 - 14:00 Wild Tails
>14:00 - 15:00 Naked Planet
>15:00 - 15:30 Pilot Globe Guide
>is there any way to make vdr replace a listing rather than add a new
>this would eliminate duplicates and make it more accurate (the DVB
>program guide is more up-to-date than the xmltv listing). The DVB
>entry also has more data (the xmltv listings here usually don't have
>any details about the program, little more than just the name and the
>time, while the DVB listing invaribaly has a summary description of the
>e.g. with the two duplicates above, the first of each pair is from xmltv
>and has no description, while the second is from DVB and has a useful
>[1] Stateline 
>    (G) Repeat 
>[2] Stateline
>    VIC news and current affairs presented by Kathy Bowlen. Feature
>    stories and regional reports, interviews with state political,
>    business and community leaders.
>[3] Australian Story
>    (G) Repeat 
>[4] Australian Story
>    The Gathering Storm Pt:2 - Continues the saga of Beth Heinrich, and
>    her 40-year love affair with with a married priest who went on to
>    become Australia's most senior Anglican bishop.
>note that the program titles aren't always identical. sometimes there
>are minor differences in spelling, abbreviations used, or upper/lower
>case or start/stop time. i think that the best way to handle this is to
>consider the DVB guide data to be correct, and any conflicting schedule
>entry to be false....i.e. if a DVB entry is in the same time period as a
>schedule entry, then just delete the schedule entry.
>BTW, this is worse than just a cosmetic annoyance. it also causes
>duplicate recordings if an Auto-Timer is set in vdradmin....it notices
>that the schedule says there are two programs on the same channel at the
>same time that match the auto-timer criteria, so it records both.

I also have this issue. I think there is a patch that is supposed to 
address this problem.
See http://www.linuxtv.org/vdrwiki/index.php/Disable-double-epg-entrys-patch

The patch adds the following options to VDR's EPG setup menu:

Period for double EPG search (min)     [minutes]
extern double Epg entry                       [delete/adjust]
Mix intern and extern EPG                   [yes/no]
Disable running VPS event                   [yes/no]

I haven't been able to verify how well the patch works yet but it 
certainly seems to be removing at least some double entries.

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