[vdr] vdr-1.3.22: channel not available. why?

Rantanen Teemu teemu.rantanen at tekla.com
Sun Mar 13 14:37:08 CET 2005

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Because that "shifting" is not active (see cDevice::CanShift()).

Ok, this explains it.

> As to why the recording started on the primary device, while there
> were budget cards free at the time, I guess you'll need to do some
> debugging in cDvbDevice::ProvidesChannel(). Here on my system
> only use the primary device if all others are already in use.

Ok, I did, but in cDevice::GetDevice() first. As far as I can tell VDR
considers all cards equal and selects the first one, which is the full

What I didn't mention earlier was that the full-card is not a primary
device (as I'm using xine-plugin).

I could change the for-loop to check devices from last to first and it
would fix this for me, but I guess it might be a good idea to make VDR
select budget card over full card even when full-card is not a primary


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