[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] xine-0.7.2 plugin via network without streamdev

Chad Flynt hoochster at sofnet.com
Sun Mar 13 18:52:42 CET 2005


Just some hopefully simple questions concerning the Xine over Network 
setup.  I have had Xine running great through VDR over the network using 
the Streamdev Client.  But was wanting to try out this new way of doing 
things.  I have 2 FF cards, and setup the VDR_SERVER_ADDRESS as far as I 
could tell being correct.  I compiled xine-ui and xine-lib on the VDR 
Server and also the client.  I have compile the plugin on the Server.  
All using the sources provided by Peter, all except I grabbed the 
Xine-lib CVS and patched with the socket patch due to having some 
compile errors using the pre-patched source.  Anyways VDR runs no 
problem, shows the plugin in the list.  But I am confused on how I go 
about making the client connect.  I am not sure if I just run XINE from 
the client and being as we put the IP of the VDR server in there, it has 
the proper information or what.  But no matter what I am not getting any 
output.  Just was interested to know if there was something I am 
missing.  I appreciate the insight.



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