[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] xine-0.7.2 plugin via network without streamdev

Manfred Schmidt-Voigt manfred.schmidt-voigt at mannitec.de
Sun Mar 13 20:30:35 CET 2005

Chad Flynt wrote:
> Answered my own question, disabling remote allows it to run without 
> error, but it is only controlling the Server, it isn't showing anything 
> on my Client side.  I admit I haven't understood all of the discussion 
> about the FF cards and selecting what card to use etc.  Any insight on 
> that would be appreciated.  It is running now but the remote through 
> Xine is controlling the server and all output through TV is fine, just 
> no output in the client window at all.
> Thanks again.


have you switched the primary DVB device in your setup menu? For wtching 
ba the remote xine system you have to switch it to the last one.

@developer: Are there plans to make this switch automatically when 
someone tries to connect to the VDR Server? And what about a switch back 
to the real primary device after closing down the connection?

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