AW: [vdr] bitstreamout 0.70 and vdr 1.3.22

Roland Praml pram2000 at
Mon Mar 14 18:01:02 CET 2005

>> I've figured out if I replay the file with vdr, the bso(replay) thread 
>> doesn't start with newer recordings
> And you have choosen the AC3 audio track during replay the
> recording with the green button?  I've this question because
> this is the first report of that kind.

yes i've tested it several times.
I've tracked down the problem a little bit. Data is sent to the plugin
but the replay thread doesn't start because ScanPayOfPS1 fails.

I've commented out these two lines:
        case 0x0b:
        //  if ((uint_16)dvb != AC3magic)
        //      break;
and now it works. 

> The bitformat over the dvb-card is exactly the same as in the bso
> plugin.  The only difference is that the bso plugin force the
> sound card to set the nonlinear status bit in the S/P-DIF
> transport layer.  This can not be done in the firmware of the
> dvb-card.  Also the S/P-DIF transport layer is not identical with
> the PCM stream its self, e.g. for every PCM word (16bit, 20bit,
> 24bit) a 32bit word in the S/P-DIF transport layer is used.

I think it's the nonlinear bit. My receiver switches to DD,
shows the correct stream information but i get no sound.
It's like i've pressed the mute button.


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