[vdr] vdr 1.2.6 and viaccess

tarass at club-internet.fr tarass at club-internet.fr
Mon Mar 14 19:05:44 CET 2005

Le 03/14/2005 06:07 PM, Kenneth Aafløy a joliment écrit :
> On Monday 14 March 2005 17:17, tarass at club-internet.fr wrote:
>>Le 03/14/2005 04:47 PM, Manu Abraham a joliment écrit :
>>>The site says Viaccess Red does not work with a Hercules also. Which i 
>>>don't think is very much correct..
>>I agree with you and I distrust this site's infos as they say that the 
>>aston mediaguard module is not compatible with the nexus but it works at 
>>But I prefer to ask befor to buy ;-)
> There is nothing on that page that says that an aston cam is incompatible
> with any of the cards listed there. Where do you see this?

On this link : http://www.bctech.fr/satellite/satmod1.html

Ne fonctionne pas avec Hauppauge,Hercule et Pinnacle

Means Warning, doesn't work with Hauppauge,Hercule et Pinnacle.

I can't confirm that is true, but I ask before to buy.

I can confirm that the same warning for MODULE PCMCIA MEDIAGUARD
version 1.05 is an error, because it's working on my box since more than 
a year.

As there is people that confirm nexus-s and red viacess work together, 
I'll wonder if those people could tell me something about the 
installation of the ci (driver ... ). I'am running vdr 1.2.6.



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