[vdr] rotor

Jacek Popławski jacekpoplawski at wp.pl
Mon Mar 14 20:23:51 CET 2005

Is it possible to use SG2100 rotor without vdr-rotor plugin? Is there any other
plugin or standalone application?
How can I send raw DiSEQ commands in Linux?
Is it possible to see where rotor is currently positioned in vdr-rotor? 
I tried to use this plugin, but I failed. Signal is always close to 50% (no
matter where is receiver), I don't know how to change location of satelites in
configuration file (HotBird is not 13E, because rotor is not directed into True
South :), I tried to experiment but it is very hard when rotor is outside of
room :) 
I had no problems in Windows, but I need to use it in Linux!
I want to start from raw DiSEQ commands... could you point me to any app or doc?

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