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Thomas Bergwinkl bergwinkl.thomas at vr-web.de
Mon Mar 14 21:44:38 CET 2005

Jacek Popławski wrote:
> Is it possible to use SG2100 rotor without vdr-rotor plugin?

Yes, it is. You must just put the right diseqc commands, which must be
send to move the rotor, into your diseqc.conf. Then when you switch to a
channel of another satellite these commands will be sent.

> Is there any other
> plugin or standalone application?

What's wrong with the rotor plugin?

> How can I send raw DiSEQ commands in Linux?

The rotor plugin should supply all diseqc-command you need for a rotor.
(Drive East/West, Drive Steps East/West, Goto/Store Position,
Recalculate Position, GotoX, Set East/West Limit, Limits On/Off)

> Is it possible to see where rotor is currently positioned in
> vdr-rotor?

No, there is no feedback from the rotor, so the plugin can't know.

> I tried to use this plugin, but I failed. Signal is always
> close to 50% (no
> matter where is receiver),
Does the rotor move if you e.g say "Drive East". When not, please look
in your log-file. When there are errors like "ERROR: Operation not
permitted" then you have to apply the Fd_Frontend patch (you find the
diff-file in the patches directory of rotor-0.1.0) and recompile the
> don't know how to change
> location of satelites in
> configuration file (HotBird is not 13E, because rotor is not
> directed into True
> South :), I tried to experiment but it is very hard when
> rotor is outside of
> room :)

Your rotor must be directed to True South. Otherwise it won't work for
satellites which are further in eastern and western direction.
Of course your rotor have not to rotate 13 degrees, when your site
longitude is e.g 12° East, then you only must move to 1°.
To adjust all stored position you must find one satellite and then send
the recalculate command.
The other possibility is to use the Goto X command. For this you only
have to enter site longitude and lattitude in the setup menu of the
rotor plugin. Then you can select a satellite and press OK and the rotor
should then move to the right position.

> I had no problems in Windows, but I need to use it in Linux!
> I want to start from raw DiSEQ commands... could you point me
> to any app or doc?

All needed diseqc commands are explained here:

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