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Jacek Popławski jacekpoplawski at wp.pl
Tue Mar 15 19:11:18 CET 2005

On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 09:44:38PM +0100, Thomas Bergwinkl wrote:
> > Is it possible to see where rotor is currently positioned in
> > vdr-rotor?
> No, there is no feedback from the rotor, so the plugin can't know.

But plugin may calculate it itself, I can't as a human when I move few steps
east or west... after few moves I don't know where rotor is directed.

> Does the rotor move if you e.g say "Drive East". 

Of course, it works, I applied patch.

> Your rotor must be directed to True South. 

It is not, and I have no problems with using it in Windows.

> Otherwise it won't work for
> satellites which are further in eastern and western direction.

I have 60cm dish, so I use just few satelites near Hotbird. Limits are set to
70 so it is not problem at all.

> To adjust all stored position you must find one satellite and then send
> the recalculate command.

Yes, I am trying to do it (as in Windows), but I am unable to find anything
with vdr-rotor, because signal information is always positive, I don't
understand how it works. I can move rotor step by step and I don't see signal
lows and highs.

> All needed diseqc commands are explained here:
> http://www.eutelsat.org/satellites/pdf/Diseqc/associated%20docs/position
> _app_note_v1.pdf

Thanks a lot.

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