[vdr] MP3 plugin 0.9.11: Bugs and RFCs

Pasi Juppo pasi.juppo at iki.fi
Tue Mar 15 18:46:41 CET 2005

Bug 1:
The very first attempt to play movie (avi) after start up causes 
MP3/MPlayer plugin to stop the playing immediately. Second attempt is 
succesful, same goes for following attempts whether it is same movie or 

This is just a minor glitch though.

Bug 2(?):
Resuming does not work for files over NFS (should be Read/Write). 
Haven't tried with local files yet.

RFC1: Would it be possible to join MP3 and MPlayer to single menu entry?

RFC2: If MPlayer fails to play a file then it would be nice to see the 
reason why it failed. Logs don't show anything. Maybe dedicated log 
(/var/log/vdr/*) would be good solution for this and for other plugins 
as well as for VDR itself.

RFC3: Menu or key/button to change subtitle in case there are multiple 
subtitles in .sub file.

RFC4: Continue or similar feature for MP3 playing. If I select single 
song and play it, MP3 player either stops or loops it. It would be nice 
to go to directory, select a song to play and when it ends MP3 player 
would automatically continue to next song.

Br, Pasi

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