AW: [vdr] [ANNOUNCE] bitstreamout plugin 0.80 (sound loop through sound card)

Roland Praml pram2000 at
Wed Mar 16 13:39:44 CET 2005

> vdr-1.3.22 + bso-0.80 = Ok!
> Slight A/V delay though. Will keep on tweeking tonight.

I've updated to 0.80, too. Now it works with newer recordings.

Just for my understanding:
The A/V problem exists because the soundcard clock doesn't know
anything about the DVB-clock respectively timestamp and there's
no way to get the current video-timestamp which is displayed at
the moment. So the only way in my eyes is to use the spdif of
the DVB-card for perfect A/V-sync.

There are different ways to transfer AC3 over spdif:
- a real AC3 stream (like DVD playes do)
- AC3 embedded in PCM (like AC3overDVB and bso)

bso can set the nonaudio-bit, AC3overDVB can't.

Why? is this a hardware limitation? Can it theoretically 
worked around by some soldering etc?

Long time ago there were so called 'copy-bit killer'
Can I set the nonaudio with a similar circuit.

As other mentioned this should also be done by a soundcard
by reading from spdif-in, set the bit, and writing to spdif-out

(it's definitely a bug in the sony-firmware why my receiver
can't play AC3 over DVB. I've a AC3 and DTS CD, the surround
sound is wrapped in PCM-frames. DTS is played fine, AC3 not.
The behaviour is the same as if replaying AC3 over DVB.
BUT if I skip quickly from an DTS to an AC3 track the receiver
sometimes "hangs" on DTS but plays AC3 WITH SOUND)

> @Roland Praml 
> Thanks for your suggestions and help! :)

no problem ;-)


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