[vdr] mp3-plugin and mp2-streaming

Burkhardt Petermann bpetermann at xyware.de
Sat Mar 19 10:54:55 CET 2005

> This time delay leads to the get timeout of the async network
> read ringbuffer. I don't think that it's related to the format of
> the input data (mp2/mp3).
> I'm not absolutely sure, but I guess that the problem is caused
> by a combination of (probably low) data delivery rate of the DAB
> server and VDR's own ringbuffer control (which effectively
> requires that the buffer is atleast 1/3 full).
> I don't know which side effects it would cause, if the ringbuffer
> control is changed. A work around could be, to change the timeout
> used by the mp3 plugin.
> In network.c around line 210, change SetTimeout(1000,1000) into
> SetTimeouts(100,100).
> Success?
> Regards.
yes, changing the timeout will solve the problem for me (except for B5 with
96 kpbs, Mono ...).
But will ist be not possible/better to check the bitrate and set then the
buffer ?

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