[vdr] Timers with full date

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sat Mar 19 12:07:37 CET 2005

Olaf Titz wrote:
>>a.   13
>>b.   2005-03-13
>>c.   MTWTFSS
>>d.   MTWTFSS at 13
>>e.   MTWTFSS at 2005-03-13
>>Note that a and d will only be accepted by VDR, but will never
>>be written into timers.conf nor used with LSTT.
> Nice. I'll adapt vdrepg accordingly.
> (Has the (d) format ever been used? It is not documented anyway.)
> Olaf

That's more or less a consequence of the changes I had to
make for this. A day can now be given either as a simple
number ("day of month") or as YYYY-MM-DD. Therefore 'd'
is also possible.

Note, though, that a and d are only for _input_ to VDR.
A tool that reads timer definitions from SVDRP would only
need to be able to handle a for complatibility with older
VDR versions. VDR versions after 1.3.22 will write only
formats b, c or e.


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