[vdr] Timers with full date

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sat Mar 19 12:11:16 CET 2005

Bernd Oefinger wrote:
> ...
>>For compatibility with earlier versions of VDR it will still
>>accept the "day of month" notation (1...31) when reading
>>existing timers.conf files or handling NEWT or MODT commands.
>>The possible formats for 'day' will be
>>a.   13
>>b.   2005-03-13
>>c.   MTWTFSS
>>d.   MTWTFSS at 13
>>e.   MTWTFSS at 2005-03-13
>>Note that a and d will only be accepted by VDR, but will never
>>be written into timers.conf nor used with LSTT.
> Hello Klaus,
> what is wrong with a and d? Why not allowing the user to record
> e.g. the very first "Tagesschau" of every month by setting it to "1"
> Not that I really need this but someone will need it for sure e.g. due
> to the fact that the (virtual) series "Words of the month" is always
> sent on the first day of the month.
> The problem was that if the user wanted to specifiy a specific date
> like 2005-03-13 he had to go a strange way and specify it like
> "every 13th day of the month (implicitly: until I delete this timer )".
> You gave the user the possibility to specify exactly what he wanted
> in this case. This is good.
> But on the other side you should not remove the possibility to specify
> "every 13th day of the month" if this is what the user wants.

I'm not removing anything - such a possibility never existed!
A timer with a day value of '13' was a "single shot" timer, which
was supposed to record only once and then be deleted. This deletion
sometimes didn't work, if the exakt moment for deleting was missed.
With the mentioned modification this will no longer be a problem.

If you want timers as complicated as you have described, I suggest
using something like vdradmin or so.


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