[vdr] Re: dvd-plugin: UseDolbyDigital

Patrick Cernko errror at errror.org
Sat Mar 19 13:05:44 CET 2005

Hi all,

obviously we are now discussing 2 different problems. I want to
summarize them here for clarification:

1. DVDs (at least in the PAL/SECAM area, as stated by Lucian Muresan)
CAN contain MP2 audio tracks! Commercial DVDs mostly don't use this
feature (instead they include AC3 2.0 Mono tracks, e.g. localized
synchronisations of Star Trek: TNG DVD sets). If you create own DVDs
from TV broadcasts (e.g. with vdrconvert), you normally get MP2 audio
tracks (eventually as secondary tracks to a existing DD audio track if
the station/VDR supports it). To my knowlegde the MP2 audio track is
ALWAYS decoded by the DVD player. The must support it by the specs. The
decoded PCM audio is obviously supported by any amplifier, even when
transmitted via digital links (I hope this explains the problem for you,
Werner). So this "problem" can be seen solved!

2. The original Mail asked for quiet another problem: If you want to
record DD audio although you don't have DD equipment (at least connected
to your vdr machine), you have to set UseDolbyDigital=1. If you do so,
recordings will contain DD data it provided but VDR will replay MP2
audio over the analog outputs. The dvd plugin misunderstands the setting
a bit by only providing the DD audio over the digital outputs but no
audio over the analog outputs any more. The correct solution IMHO is to
both provide DD audio over digital output AND decoded DD audio over
analog output! So this is a feature request/bug report for the
maintainer(s) of the dvd plugin (Hi Sven & Co!). THIS IS WHAT SHOULD BE

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