[vdr] schedule oddness

Anssi Kolehmainen akolehma at aketzu.iki.fi
Sat Mar 19 20:41:08 CET 2005

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005, Jouni Karvo wrote:

> > >NO_EVENTID_ON = <list of channels>
> > >
> > >tag in vdradmind.conf to mark these channels. It should work fine than.
> >
> > I used vdradmin a year or so ago and used this setting. It worked very
> > well and I had no more duplicates (on channels like MTV3 in Finland).
> I just tried - and the effect is hilarious.
> There are no more (at least in that extent) places of several
> recordings of the same program with partially overlapping times or
> otherwise weird times, but...
> ... now I get 20-30 times exactly equal timers for each event.  It
> seems to add a new identical timer every once and a while.
> I wonder if I'll have energy to try to get involved with the source.

I had same problem (timers jumping to different times) and solved it
by putting 'NO_EVENTID = 1' to config file. That disabled event ids on 
every channel and so far it has worked fine.

Anssi Kolehmainen

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