[vdr] Graphic card Volari V3XT for HTPC with HDTV?

Lars Bläser lars.blaeser at lycosxxl.de
Sun Mar 20 11:52:52 CET 2005

Dr. Werner Fink wrote:
> Hi,
>   does anybody know this graphic card?  The question is:
> are there any driver for using it under Linux and is
> the onboard Mpeg2 decoder usable under Linux?
>       -> http://www.xgitech.com/products/products_2.asp?P=8
>       -> http://www.wcm.at/story.php?id=7429
>     Werner
Volari V3 Linux Readme :Update -2004-0815
1. What O.S and version do the driver support ?
Ans: The driver support Red Hat 9 and SUSE 8/9.
2. What platform do the driver support ?
Ans: The driver support 32 and 64 bit compatible platform.For Red Hat 9
and SUSE 8
the driver support i386 and AMD 64 bit platforms.  For SUSE 9, the
driver support i386 platforms.
3.Driver function support
Ans : The driver only support 2D and video (format YUY2) functionalities.
4.Major Known Issues
Ans: All drivers will work on CRT only.


no source - only binary, no mention of hdtv, nothing new for over 6 month
the 5 and 8 drivers are over 1 year old and seems only to support kernel 2.4

looks like they are busy with 3D performance for windows drivers and
developing new chips
btw the company is a joint from sis and trident, the 3 is a further
developt trident, the 5 and 8 are new chips

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