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>> -No way to set the timer end time
>My mistake - I thought the length of the timer is specified in the
>data part... but its stored as start and end time.

>> -No one-shot timers
>You'd probably have to add a year field like Klaus is planning for the
>next version.

>> -No two-week timers (remember? thats what I wanted) -No
>This can be done by a day of week field set to "mon/2" (means every
>second Monday.)

But it can't do 
"the second Monday of the Month" sithout extra software AFAIK.
And that's not very uncommon kind of sheduling.

>Ok, maybe the crontab format isn't that suitable! :)

The biggest problem seems to be to convince Klaus that this
is a real nice/needed feature which can't be solved by vdradmin ;-)
(At least as long vdradmin assumes the box is running 7x24, what 
might be effordable in USA or canada, but too expensive in Germany,
it's not only the 19 Euro Cent we have to pay per kWh (opposit
to 3..6US cent)..

But maybe a general solution would be a better way to go?

I too would like to have to be "reminded" watching a
program (or get a hint to go to a meting etc.), or ideally/finally, 
generate my own TV shedule made out of VDR recordings. 
(There should be no noticeable difference between
"real" transmission and a vdr recording. A recordign is
only a special kind of "channel".)

But that's something for VDR 3.0 i assume ;-)


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