[vdr] Software suspend with vdr

Laurence Abbott laz at club-burniston.co.uk
Mon Mar 21 10:39:15 CET 2005

On Mon, 2005-03-21 at 08:26 +0100, Joachim Wilke wrote:
> > Has anyone managed to acomplish this yet? it seems that lirc doesn't come back
> > cleanly, either!
> What about stopping VDR, unloading DVB and LIRC before suspend, and
> loading them after wakeup again?

That's the sort of thing I'm testing now. For some bizarre reason, lirc
just refuses to work even if I set hibernate to stop it, unload the
modules, and then reload them and restart lircd after coming back up
(irw connects but doesn't give any response). Bizarrely, if I then stop,
unload, load, and restart by hand, it then works (I _think_: was trying
lots of different combinations!).

If I don't stop vdr, it does come back up, of a fashion: it refuses
svdrp connections which it was letting before suspend. As I haven't got
lirc going yet, can't tell if it listens to that. If there is an active
timer, it does not generate any files but continually restarts and
generates lots of zero length files (must try that patch from a few days
back...). Setting it to stop and restart vdr has the same effect,
although for some strange reason, it never finishes my startup script.
Another thing which needs looking into...

After some searching, I found some patches for the dvb drivers to make
them work with suspend, and that the cvs drivers did work with software
suspend. I tried the cvs drivers but get the same sort of effects.

I have yet to increase the verbosity of what hibernate is doing but it
looks like my dvb card (a very old Nova-T) doesn't tune after
suspending, although I need to check with dvbtune, dvbstream, etc.

This will be so good, if it all works: boots in about 5 s!




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