[vdr] EPG/EIT not showing, channels.conf difference

Heikki Manninen hma at iki.fi
Mon Mar 21 17:15:22 CET 2005

I'm wondering what's the difference with these two examples:

YLE TV1:330:M128:C:6875:512+128:650=fin:2321:0:1:111:0:0
YLE TV2:330:M128:C:6875:513+129:660=fin,660=eng:2321:0:2:111:0:0
Nelonen :330:M128:C:6875:215+512:888=fin:576:0:4:111:0:0

YLE TV1:330000:M128:C:6875:512+128:650=fin:2321:0:1:0:1:0
YLE TV2:330000:M128:C:6875:513+129:660=fin,660=fin:2321:0:2:0:1:0

As you can see the only difference seems to be the NID and TID entries
from which the VDR WiKi says:

NID Network ID. Placeholder for future development. Currently 0.
(VDR-1.2.x only)

TID Transport Stream ID. Placeholder for future development. Currently
0. (VDR-1.2.x only)

        NID=0, TID=0, RID=0
VDR-1.2.x with AutoPID-Patch 
        NID<>0, TID<>0, RID<>0 valid
        NID<>0, TID<>0, RID<>0 valid, starting from version 1.3.12 also
        service provider included in Name, in Audio-PID also language
        marker valid.

Yet the first one doesn't produce any EPG information for VDR and the
second one does.

For reference, the first one is created byt scanning with the newest
dvb-c dvbscan from the dvb-apps CVS and the second example is created
with some earlier version.

Heikki M

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