[vdr] ANNOUNCE: graphlcd-0.1.2-pre5

Andreas Regel andreas.regel at gmx.de
Mon Mar 21 20:45:29 CET 2005


here is a new pre-release of the GraphLCD base package and plugin for 
VDR. Because of the additional font attributes expect slighly misaligned 
display items when not using fonts converted from true type.

- the base package containing driver library, graphics library and tools
- the plugin package containing the plugin itself, the logos and fonts


Changes since 0.1.2-pre4:
- glcddrivers: sed1330: added missing horizontal scrolling 
initialization. Now, there should be no displaced display any longer. 
(thanks to Wolfgang Astleitner)
- glcddrivers: Now serdisplib is loaded dynamically using libdl. So, no 
INCLUDE_SERDISPLIB define is needed any longer (thanks to Wolfgang 
- glcddrivers: fixed gu256x64-3900 driver: Now sizes other than 256x64 
should work. (thanks to Detlef Ruge and Ralf Müller)
- glcdgraphics: fixed a bug in cBitmap::DrawText that prevented 
scrolling from working.
- glcdgraphics: fixed a bug in cBitmap::SubBitmap.
- glcdgraphics: changed the interface of DrawText and DrawCharacter of 
cBitmap class.
- glcdgraphics: extended font attributes to better support converted 
true type fonts. Also changed font file format to support this attributes.
- glcdgraphics: the lastChange attribute of cGLCDFile now is 64 bits wide.
- crtfont: extended it to support the new font attributes
- crtfont: changed file format of description files. Now the font 
attributes are given by its names, p. e. lineheight:20. Look in 
README.crtfont for details.
- new tool genfont: allows converting of true type fonts to GraphLCD 
fonts using freetype2 library. You have to uncomment HAVE_FREETYPE2 in 
Make.config to use it.
- added new fonts verdana and verdana bold in sizes 9 to 29 converted by 

- added possibility to switch on backlight at user activity and switch 
it off at user inactivity (thanks to Andreas Brachold). Can be enabled 
or disabled in setup menu.
- added additional space between progress bar and logo on small LCDs 
(thanks to Andreas Brachold).
- added loopmode display in mp3 replay mode (thanks to Wolfgang Fritz).
- replaced usleep with cCondWait::SleepMs() for vdr version 1.3.14 or 
- adapted to changes in vdr 1.3.18
- now using verdana fonts converted by genfont as default for large 

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