[vdr] Helsinki HTV HD1 and VDR? (HDTV channel)

Petri Helin petri.j.helin at welho.com
Tue Mar 22 10:54:16 CET 2005

Lainaus Tomi Sajaniemi <vdr-fin at isoroba.com>:

> Hi,
> I was able to record that channel 
> "EURO1080;Tintti:498000:C0M64:C:6900:308:256=eng;257=eng:0:0:21100:0:3:0" 
> and watch it using xine or kaffeine media player but the image seems to 
> quite blocky.
> I have two cards system:
> Technotrend premium 2.1 DVB-C
> Technotrend budget DVB-C
> AMD 2600+
> What can cause the blocks???
> - tomi

I think the media players are to blame here. At least Xine seems to have
difficulties with HDTV material. Have you tried recording with other programs
besides vdr? For example you could try recording with dvbstream to see if the
problem is with vdr.

BTW. Check http://www.hd-1.tv/ for the program list.

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