[vdr] Re: ANNOUNCE: graphlcd-0.1.2-pre5

Andreas Regel andreas.regel at gmx.de
Tue Mar 22 18:18:44 CET 2005


Lucian Muresan wrote:
> this is all very cool, such a pity I missed (by 2 or three days) sending 
> you my patches against 0.1.2-pre4 which are adding optional FreeType2 
> support directly in the cFont class of glcdgraphics, and unlike the 
> current genfont also whith the freedom of choosing the desired character 
> encoding (that was one of the main reasons I started doing this, I want 
> to also display iso8859-2 encoded characters on the display, and I think 
> other users with EPG or localization in non-western-encoding languages 
> might like that, too), and no conversion is necessary, one can see right 
> away how the font sizes are fitting the plugin's display.

That's sounds nice. I already thought about integrating ft2 rendering in 
the cFont class but dropped it for the first time because of the bad 
look when it comes to sizes smaller than 8 or 9. If it is working in 
parallel to the old font file stuff then I think it's worth integrating 
your code.

> One other reason was that I wrote a "meta-driver" for LCD-proc 0.5 using 
> your graphlcd-base library, just like yo're using serdisplib to add a 
> few more supported displays by just one more driver, and I also sent you 
> 2 or 3 private emails around 17-18 january and I got no response at all.

I just didn't had the time to anwser and then just forgot it. :)

> At that time I had not yet started the freetype2 digging.
> Anyway, it doesn't matter now. If you're interested I will rework my 
> modifications to fit the new version and send you the patches.

That would be nice.

> I still had some trouble with the layounting of FT2 fonts on the VDR 
> plugin's display (mine is 128x64), but as it is still "pre5" you might 
> want us to discuss those things after I'll send the patches?

We will see.


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