[vdr] Help: Twinhan VP-1022a

Andrey Vlassov andreyv at ece.ubc.ca
Tue Mar 22 19:42:02 CET 2005


I am looking for a help with Twinhan Vision Plus 1022a DVB card. Upto this moment I didn't had any luck with this board.

So far I tried to configure it in Windows 2000, Windows Media Center and Linux.

In windows envirovment Twinhan recommends to ignore installaton of drivers when windows find a new hardware (this is what I did) and use their installer which will install the drivers (this is what I did). On next restart the installer should continue and find the card but it never worked for me :( and software refused to install. I found that windows can see hardware (Hardware Manager) but can not install software as from software point of view the card is not present in the computer. (It is brand new card)

I was looking on internet for information how this card can be configured in Linux. So far I found that the card will hang the system with standard 878 driver (and it does with knoppix 3.3 -- knoppix 3.7 can not boot on my computer by some unknown reason). As I understood to make this card work it will require to patch kernel driver for 878 chip driver. 

At the same time Fedora Core 2 can boot with this card but I do not know what I should do after that. Does FC2 has driver for this card? Is it possible to make it work?

Now about system and what already work:

1. AMD 1.2GHz CPU
2. 512MB RAM
3. FC 2 OS
4. Nexus-S
5. Driver for Nexus-S
6. Scanned transporders on Telstar5
7. Tuned to FTA channel and got video/sound
8. vdr is running and able switch channels
9. location: North America -- Canada

Now a few remarks about problems I found:

1. vdr refused to compile complaining about DVB_API_VERSION 3 although I run "makelinks".
   To solve the problem I had to modify dvbdevice.h (do not remember at this moment correct name) and put full path in include
   #includ </usr/local/linux/include/linux/dvb/version.h>
2. If I tune on crypted channel or radio channel I am getting "rolling screen" 
-- I see that name of the channel and time string roll over screen.
-- Is there a fix for this problem.

Thanks in advance for any help, and I would not mind if somebody will push me in right direction to make this card work.


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