[vdr] Help: Twinhan VP-1022a

Robert Huitl vdr at huitl.de
Tue Mar 22 22:14:34 CET 2005

Am Dienstag, 22. März 2005 20:52 schrieb Andrey Vlassov:
> >I figured out that I have to load the bttv module with these options:
> >i2c_hw=1 card=0x71
> >
> >On Fedora, you might want to try to modprobe bttv like this:
> >modprobe bttv i2c_hw=1 card=0x71
> could you give me some guide lines what you did to make this card work
> with vdr?
> We can communicate directly over email if you would prefer.

Since the VP1020 is the only DVB card in the system, I use vdr-xine as an 
output device. This works quite well, as far as I can tell (I don't use this 
system on an everyday basis).

Since you have mentioned a Nexus, I don't think you need that. You want to use 
both the TwinHan and the Nexus at the same time, don't you?

In this case, you would only need to load the DVB driver (bttv) in a way that 
doesn't crash the system. VDR will automatically use all available DVB 

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