[vdr] HELP::Scan::Satellite/Transpoder/Channel - North America

Andrey Vlassov andreyv at ece.ubc.ca
Tue Mar 22 23:01:26 CET 2005


I am sorry if this question can sounds a stupid but I still will ask it as it can save a tons of time to me and may be some other people.

I got a test run for VDR and found that it looks very nice. But what I found quite unconvenient is finding stranspoders for available satellites for North America.

Procedure which I run through is

1. Go to http://www.satcodx.com or http://www.lyngsat.com 
2. Manually create a file with transpoders for "scan" program from dvb-apps package
3. Scan a satellite to create channels.conf file
4. Use channels.conf with vdr

The problem with this procedure is that it consumes a lot of time just to retype transpoders for each satellite. I could spend some time to write a utility in perl to retrieve this information from two above websites. But I would expect that such utility could exist already. 

It could happen that somebody wrote an utility which could scan satellite itself to get transpoders as it done in standalone receivers. Could somebody give an input on this subject? 

If such utility exists I could look into automatisation of this procedure. At the moment I found that there is a plugin which allow control dish through USALS. I could use some script/program which would position dish sequentially at visible satellites and then scan for transpoder/channels and store this information in database. I could make this database available on internet so that other people had access to it as well. In return people at their location could run same script/utility and upload their data into database. As time will go we will have a very good database which can be used at installation time so that user enter his location and script/program will generate required config files for transpoders/channels.

I am new to vdr and probably this alredy could be done but I do not know about it yet.

What information available for this subject which I should learn?



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