[vdr] Help: Twinhan VP-1022a

Robert Huitl vdr at huitl.de
Tue Mar 22 23:46:23 CET 2005

Am Dienstag, 22. März 2005 22:42 schrieb Andrey Vlassov:
> yes, you did undertand me right I am interested to have both cards in my
> system (although I have only one dish -- balcony space restriction).
> This card was purchased mainly because Twinhan stated that it can drive
> USALS STAB HH motor. I was playing with Nexus-s for a while and didn't
> find  how to drive motor in sence of USALS (in windows I could drive
> motor East/West Steps/Run Diseqc 1.2).
> Advantage USALS is that I can enter my coordinates and then say "Hey
> turn dish to 100W" and wait few seconds when dish will be pointed to
> satellite I am interested in.

Sorry, I can't help you with that.

> I am quite new to vdr and do not know many things yet but I am learn
> fast. So, as I understood to be able watch a program on Budget card on
> the computer screen I will need a plugin like vdr-xine. Is my
> understanding correct?

No. VDR needs an output device. The Nexus' MPEG-2 decoder can be used as a 
output device which is connected to a TV set or alike.
On the other hand, the VP1020 is a budget card that has no MPEG-2 decoder on 
board. So you need vdr-xine (for decoding MPEG-2 in software and displaying 
to a monitor) only when there's no active card in the system.

In your case, there is. Channels received by the budget card will be decoded 
and displayed by the Nexus. Applications like kvdr and xawtv can be used to 
have the Nexus' video output on screen, too.

So essentially, it doesn't matter what DVB card provides a channel (you could 
even stream them via network from another VDR box), the video will always go 
to the Nexus.

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