[vdr] Q::Recording several channels from one transpoder at the same time

Robert Huitl vdr at huitl.de
Wed Mar 23 00:38:30 CET 2005

Am Mittwoch, 23. März 2005 00:22 schrieb Andrey Vlassov:
> on internet I came accross a post which stated that with budget card the
> user was able to record several channels at the same time. In the same
> post user said that it is impossible with Nexus-s.
> I guess that it should be possible in vdr as well. How such task can be
> acomplished.?

With only a Nexus-S, you can record as much channels as you like - but only as 
long as they are on the same transponder.

An additional budget card can be tuned to another transponder, so all its 
channels become available for recording/viewing, too.

Say you want three recordings at the same time, and the three channels happen 
to be on different transponders. You would need 2 additional budget cards. 
However, if all three recordings are on the same transponder, you would be 
fine with just the Nexus.

It could get complicated though if the channels are encrypted. I don't know 
how this is handled and what implications it causes.


P.S.: Please have a look at 
http://www.xs4all.nl/~hanb/documents/quotingguide.html. Thanks.
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