[vdr] trying to find causes for high cpu usage

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at rohdewald.de
Wed Mar 23 10:41:15 CET 2005

I added some debug output for every 1000th call to poll()
in cSectionHandler::Action

At 23:58 a recording started. Since then the thread for
my 2nd device (first and primary is Nexus-S FF, 2nd is TT PCI Budget)
also polls much more even after the recording finished.

Why is there so much activity going on for the 2nd device even when
it is no longer needed?

Is there any way to tell vdr that no output is needed such that
vdr can stop processing the data stream of the first device too?

Why does the first device call poll() twice as much as the second one?

Mar 22 23:57:55 mm vdr[20430]: pcount in cSectionHandler::Action:12209000
Mar 22 23:57:59 mm vdr[20430]: pcount in cSectionHandler::Action:12210000
Mar 22 23:58:00 mm vdr[20426]: timer 1 (28 0000-0055 'Zimmer frei!') entered VPS margin
Mar 22 23:58:00 mm vdr[20426]: switching device 2 to channel 28
Mar 22 23:58:02 mm vdr[20430]: pcount in cSectionHandler::Action:12211000
Mar 22 23:58:05 mm vdr[20430]: pcount in cSectionHandler::Action:12212000
Mar 22 23:58:08 mm vdr[20433]: pcount in cSectionHandler::Action:1000
Mar 22 23:58:08 mm vdr[20430]: pcount in cSectionHandler::Action:12213000
Mar 22 23:58:11 mm vdr[20430]: pcount in cSectionHandler::Action:12214000
Mar 22 23:58:13 mm vdr[20433]: pcount in cSectionHandler::Action:2000
Mar 22 23:58:14 mm vdr[20430]: pcount in cSectionHandler::Action:12215000
Mar 23 00:00:00 mm vdr[20426]: timer 1 (28 0000-0055 'Zimmer frei!') start
Mar 23 00:00:00 mm vdr[20426]: record /video0/Zimmer_frei!/2005-03-23.00:00.50.99.rec
Mar 23 10:35:25 mm vdr[20430]: pcount in cSectionHandler::Action:24078000
Mar 23 10:35:26 mm vdr[20433]: pcount in cSectionHandler::Action:6408000
Mar 23 10:35:29 mm vdr[20430]: pcount in cSectionHandler::Action:24079000


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