[vdr] MythTV vs. linvdr

Nicolas Huillard nhuillard at e-dition.fr
Wed Mar 23 10:47:13 CET 2005

xzzyx at hotmail.com a écrit :
> I'm considering setting up a PVR. Could someone suggest which software
> might be best for me. For example, how does linvdr compare to MythTv?

Maybe you're not at the right place to get an unbiased comparison ;-) 
VDR is best !
Seriously : VDR is perfect as a set-top-box / dedicated HTPC. The whole 
bunch of plug-ins and add-ons make it really useful.

> How mature are both? Do I need to be a German speaker to setup LinVDR?

VDR is very mature. The developer version series 1.3 has always been 
stable, and now gets also featureful. I think Klaus will release the 1.4 
stable relase soon (that is, in a one year time-frame... maybe)
There is an how-to in english about LinVDR (announced in this ML). 
People here are also very helpful. I personnaly don't speak german, and 
I think I don't miss anything, just reading this ML. Klaus's home 
mailing-list is here, so the core-developers follow and the stuff that 
matter is here.

> I'm intend to buy a digital tuner for use with a 2nd hand MSI MS-6215
> (possibly utilising the oboard video and TV-out). Any advice would be
> welcome.

If you plan to use the onboard video + TV-out, you go the software 
output way : buy a budget DVB card (those without a MPEG2 decoder), and 
install either the softdevice plugin of the vdr-xine plugin. More on 
this in a separate thread, if needed. Subscribe to the 
softdevice-devel at berlios.de ML.
The other way is : buy a full-featured DVB card (AKA FF-card), and use 
it's TV-out. This is the main/official setup, the one that just works.
If you only want to have DVB / recordings on the TV, use the FF-card. If 
you plan to output to a VGA monitor, have higher resolution, view DivX 
natively, use X on your TV, etc., use a budget card and your onboard 
VGA, but be prepared to a lot of little fun problems...

> Thanks,
> Andrew


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