[vdr] MSI MS-6215

Nicolas Huillard nhuillard at e-dition.fr
Wed Mar 23 11:09:52 CET 2005

xzzyx at hotmail.com a écrit :
> Looking at the archives I noticed a few people have (or had!) a MSI
> MS-6215. I'm curious as to whether you have found the performance
> adequate (I have a 1 GHz PIII) and noise level satisfactory.
> How can noise be reduced? (I am not very hardwarily inclined)

I have an MSI case the generation before this one, and didn't ever 
reduced it's noise. It is really awful.
What I would suggest :
* external power supply (the fan inside the PS might be really noisy) : 
search for DC-DC converters with AC-DC power blocks (meant for Via EPIA 
motherboards, but should be powerful enought for your PIII). The DC-DC 
converter has a high efficiency, thus low heat output, and the power 
bloc is external to the case
* get the biggest heatsink as possible for your processor, and 
underclock it (cf. www.silentpcreview.com)
* get out everything that is not needed (floppy, cables, etc.) to 
maximize airflow
You can go farther if you can cut metal sheets...

> Has anyone tried making the power supply external to minimise heat?

The heat sources are the processor, the HDD and the DVB card (more if it 
is a full-featured one). The noise sources are the power supply (because 
this is the only one to the air out of the case) and the heatsink on th 
The bigger the fans, the better. The slower the fans, the better. Thus 
try to fit 8cm fans with a resistance in series to reduce speed (cf. 

> Finally, does anyone have any good ideas to minimise dust entry to the
> machine other than putting the machine inside a cabinet.

Minimize fan speed -> minimize heat generation -> underclock the 
processor and take great care about the HDD you choose (rule of thumb : 
the lower the power requirements of the HDD, the lower the heat + the 
lower the rotational speed of the HDD, the lower the heat)

> Thanks for any help,

Starting from a case like this one, you will have a lot of work to make 
it silent enough. The cabinet sould help !

> Andrew


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