[vdr] Any progress on an XBMC frontend to VDR?

tony tony at tgds.net
Wed Mar 23 13:45:51 CET 2005

Le mercredi 23 mars 2005 à 21:21 +1000, Michal Dobrzynski a écrit :

> To sum things up I'm not asking for VDR to change into something else 
> (unless that's necessary for this sort of thing to even be possible but 
> I doubt that). All I really want to know is if any work on an XBMC 
> frontend to VDR ("My TV" anyone?) is being done by anyone anywhere. Is 
> it possible? Why or why not?

Yes buy a Tivo. Xbox + Tivo cover your needs.

You have gone about making your HTPC in the wrong way. I understand your
rant. I would have liked you to say "I screwed up" to make it more
digestible. My HTPC rocks. Thanks to all behind VDR for that.



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