[vdr] Fujistu Simens DVB-C - analog module support.

Stefaan Coddé stefaan.codde at pandora.be
Wed Mar 23 16:02:27 CET 2005

I know that this has been discussed before but my ISP has blocked  the 
archives domain for some odd reason,
I lost also all links to dutch websites, but heck , that's another problem.

My HTPC is finally almost finished, based on aopens  i855 mobile micro 
atx board, a celeron mobile 1400.
I can choose between two setups:

1) The ones that needs more power:

Hauppuage DVB-S Rev 1.3card : for digital sat
Hauppauge DVB-C card : for digital cable
Hauppauge PVR-350 : for analog cable

2) one that needs less power and produces less heat:

hauppauge DVB-S Rev1.3
Siemens/Fujitsu DVB/C with analog module installed.

It's abvious that the second solution would be a better choice but I 
wonder if this analog module does it's work now or not.
If not, then I still have two choices.

1) stick to solution 1 on linux platform
2) stick to solution 2 on windows platform (bweeeek)

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