[vdr] Any progress on an XBMC frontend to VDR?

Sad sad at ntica.com
Wed Mar 23 17:11:00 CET 2005

syrius.ml at no-log.org a écrit :

> Sad <sad at ntica.com> writes:
>>[a lot removed]
>>The first is to use an XBMC Python script + a modified mplayer.dll
>>that can handle the vtp protocol from streamdev
> Oh i'm interested by this (modified mplayer able to read vtp streams)
> Could give me a pointer ^U I found it: =>
> http://xmltv.free.fr/mplayer-vtp/
> cheers :)
Well in fact this link is for the Win32 Mplayer Vtp enhanced

For the xbox mplayer.dll I've made a big mistake and I apologize for that!
In fact, the modified mplayer.dll doesn't handle the vtp by itself... It 
is just modified to be able to play the stream from an opened fd (file 
The vtp process is handle in the Python Script!

Sorry again


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