[vdr] Any progress on an XBMC frontend to VDR?

syrius.ml at no-log.org syrius.ml at no-log.org
Wed Mar 23 18:15:53 CET 2005

Sad <sad at ntica.com> writes:

>>>The first is to use an XBMC Python script + a modified mplayer.dll
>>>that can handle the vtp protocol from streamdev
>> Oh i'm interested by this (modified mplayer able to read vtp streams)
>> Could give me a pointer ^U I found it: =>
>> http://xmltv.free.fr/mplayer-vtp/
>> cheers :)
> Well in fact this link is for the Win32 Mplayer Vtp enhanced
> For the xbox mplayer.dll I've made a big mistake and I apologize for that!
> In fact, the modified mplayer.dll doesn't handle the vtp by
> itself... It is just modified to be able to play the stream from an
> opened fd (file descriptor)
> The vtp process is handle in the Python Script!

If i'm able to do the same on a unix system I'll be happy.
At the moment i can't get the modified mplayer to compile
(  undefined reference to `VtpSetChannel' )
Where can I find about the python script ?



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