[vdr] Any progress on an XBMC frontend to VDR?

Michal Dobrzynski michal at appl.com.au
Wed Mar 23 23:32:02 CET 2005

> Yes buy a Tivo. Xbox + Tivo cover your needs.
> You have gone about making your HTPC in the wrong way. I understand 
> your
> rant. I would have liked you to say "I screwed up" to make it more
> digestible. My HTPC rocks. Thanks to all behind VDR for that.
> Cheers
> Tony

Like I said. I have no beef with VDR or the way it works.

Tivo does not do Digital TV AFAIK. (At least not the Australian 

What other way could I have gone about making a HTPC? I've looked at 
available solutions and it seems regardless of the money I would be 
willing to spend nothing exists which would meet my needs unless I were 
to finance development of a new product.

One of the biggest problems is that the users of my HTPC don't want VDR 
as it's too complicated and unreliable. 99.9% of this is due to the 
hardware and not VDR itself though so I bear no ill-will to VDR.

I've already spent thousands on the HTPC and the Xbox could have 
provided the most expensive components for under $200AUS and done a 
much better job.


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