[vdr] how to convert vdr to divx?

Grégoire Favre Gregoire.Favre at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 00:20:47 CET 2005

On Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 10:03:56AM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:

> yep, that's my next step...to make it do a good quality two-pass transcoding.

Any reason not to do three-pass ?
Even with your actual version you do three-pass :-)

> even with the default settings as in the script, the quality is reasonable.
> artifacts are only really noticable in graphics and lettering on signs etc.

And with respect to size ?
Depending on the source, I can achieve a really good quality for about
10% of the original size (best, or worst case I admit, mostly from my
camera, not from VDR).

> # i don't use scaling, so don't have useful values for $C and $S
> # uncomment and provide good values if you want to scale.

I don't think you could really automate the cropping and scalling parts,
as for example -vf cropdetect is not perfectly usable (sender's logo,
etc...) and then one has to scale to really have a perfect quality, I
personaly use a value near 0.2 given by the calcbpp.pl from mplayer.

> (does "br=96" in lameopts give reasonable sound quality?)

At least for me it's enough...

> sed's a useful tool...but a bit "clumsier" to use than perl. i tend to
> use sh + sed + awk etc for small, simple scripts and for wrapper scripts
> that mostly call other programs to do the work, and perl for anything
> more complex.

I also use bash/sed/awk most of the time :-)

Good enhancement to your script !
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