[vdr] Burn-plugin-0.0.5 and AC3 Recordings

Carsten Koch Carsten.Koch at icem.com
Thu Mar 24 12:55:05 CET 2005

Thomas Müller wrote:
> I'll get the following error message from mplex:
> ERROR: [mplex] Can't find next AC3 frame: @ 555776 we have c0f8 - broken bit-stream?
> I've searched the sourcecode of mplex and found the error message in ac3strm_in.cpp.
> The error occurs if the AC3-Syncword of the current AC3-Frame is not 0x0B77 and the end of the stream is not reached.
> I'll assume that noad or vdrsync has currupted the AC3 stream, 

I would exclude noad, since it does not touch the data.
AFAIK, the only file noad *writes*, is marks.vdr, which does not contain AC3 data.
vdrsync is a possible culprit, but it may also be a data error due to rain, etc.

> because i have tried to demux the .vdr's with ProjectX and the AC3 causes no problems with mplex.
> The DVD i've created with ProjectX was not playable in my Standalone DVD nor with VDR's DVD-plugin.
> The question i have is:
>     Is it currently possible to burn vdr-recordings with AC3 sound?
>     And how do i do this?

I have burned vdr-recordings with AC3 sound using the burn plugin successfully.
I have not actually checked the AC3 sound (the DVD was a gift for someone
else who does not currently have AC3 equipment), but at least the creation
of the DVD did not crash.


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