[vdr] Any progress on an XBMC frontend to VDR?

Michal Dobrzynski michal at appl.com.au
Thu Mar 24 13:45:00 CET 2005

On 24/03/2005, at 7:51 PM, tony wrote:
> Cheapest Xbox in France is 149€
> Epia MB = 141€
> Skystar2 = 53€ (the Epia does the hardware mpeg2 acceleration)
> WIN TV Nova CI-S = 142€
> DVB-T is just starting in France so cards are expensive. USB 119€ and
> PCI 99€ - these prices will go down in a month or two after the "must
> have it first" guys have bought theirs.
> So fact not quite right.

Well what I said is true for Australia. Here you can get an Xbox for 
$150AUS second hand or $240AUS new. I just got a another second hand 
one with a few accessories for $180AUS yesterday for a friend.

Currently for VDR to be of any use I need at least 3 PCI slots (2 x 
Budget DVB-T + 1 x Full Featured DVB-S card for TV output) and I plan 
on adding a 3rd Budget DVB-T PCI card bringing the total to 4 required 
PCI slots.

I empathize with the high initial cost of DVB-T cards. I impatiently 
waited for YEARS for the first DVB-T card to come out and then I 
purchased it straight away. Within a few months identical cards were 
available for half the price. In my opinion the best Linux supported 
cards are the Hauppage Nova and clones. An AverMedia card I bought was 
so much trouble I ended up giving it away.


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