[vdr] ANNOUNCE: patches for graphlcd-0.1.2-pre5 freetype2 runtime rendering + complete romanian i18n

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Mar 25 02:37:23 CET 2005


I finished reworking my FT2 patches against the latest pre-release of 
graphlcd. Of course, you must have a freetype-2.1.x library installed, 
and some TTF fonts if you want to try this.

Those who want to try this, please:

1. Download the library patch from 
and patch graphlcd-base after running a dos2unix over

2. After patching, HAVE_FREETYPE2=1 is already defined in Make.config so 
there is no need to enable it by yourself. Follow the normal 
instructions provided in the package to build & install.

3. Download the plugin patch from 
and patch the original plugin vdr-graphlcd-0.1.2-pre5.tgz

4. Before proceeding with building and installing as you normally would, 
mkdir ./graphlcd-0.1.2-pre5/graphlcd/fonts/ttf and then make 3 symlinks 
in that newly created directory (in the source tree of the plugin, then 
they will be copied upon installing) pointing to actual TTF files on 
your machine (it could even be the same file if you wish, you will play 
with the size and the actual symlinks to different fonts later), with 
these names:
./graphlcd-0.1.2-pre5/graphlcd/fonts/ttf/fLarge.ttf -> 
./graphlcd-0.1.2-pre5/graphlcd/fonts/ttf/fNormal.ttf -> 
./graphlcd-0.1.2-pre5/graphlcd/fonts/ttf/fSmall.ttf -> 

5. Install & build like you normally would

Notes about usage

- Start VDR with the graphlcd plugin (you should still see the native 
fonts on your display at this time if you didn't mess with VDR's 
setup.conf already), go to it's configuration menu and enable true type 
fonts, then you have to close and start again (I hope this won't be 
necessary in future versions, I already took first steps in preparing 
the cFont class in the library for this). After restarting you will 
hopefully already see the TTF you've symlinked to on your display. You 
now may go again to the graphlcd configuration menu and adjust the sizes 
of the three fonts (theese options appear only when the plugin is 
started with graphlcd.UseFreeType2Fonts = 1 which is reated after your 
first run), unfortunately you have to restart every time to see the 
results of the size modification.
You may also manually alter the entries in VDR's setup.conf while VDR is 
not running, that might be quicker, here are my settings I use with the 
symlinked fonts above on a 128x64 display (almost perfect results)
	graphlcd.UseFreeType2Fonts = 1
	graphlcd.FreeType2SizeLarge = 11
	graphlcd.FreeType2SizeNormal = 10
	graphlcd.FreeType2SizeSmall = 9
If you want to revert to the native bitmap fonts, just set 
UseFreeType2Fonts = 0 in the file or in the configuration menu.

- the character encoding is automatically selected according to VDR's 
OSD language, there is no separate option right now.

- I only tested the FT2 stuff on my 128x64 display and it's not perfect 
even there, so expect strange layouts, but please try it and report.

Have phun!

Lucian Muresan

P.S. @Andreas, I'll post another more technical one.

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