[vdr] vdr-xine: what's wrong with this piece of code -- threading issue?

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Fri Mar 25 09:38:44 CET 2005


Stefan Taferner wrote:

>>I'm facing a deadlock situation, when the below code is modified to
>>ignore the "r == 0" cases (= original code in vdr-xine-0.7.2):
> r==0 means that there is no data available. Are you sure you want
> to block in xread until data is available?

Yes, because there is nothing else to do at that point in time.

This function is used to retrieve the result of a "remote procedure 
call" (e. g. in execFuncGetPTS()).

> If you want to ignore the r==0 cases, why don't you simply open
> the file in blocking mode (remove O_NONBLOCK from xineLib.c:2160) ?

O_NONBLOCK is just used to be able to open the FIFO while xine still 
needs to connect to the FIFO. After opening the FIFOs, O_NONBLOCK is 
removed in lines 2164 and 2165.

But the FIFO used in the above example (fd_result) has never been 
opended nonblocking (see line 2162).

> If you want to wait for data (and keep the non-blocking) you should wait some
> time (200ms or so). If you are not sure about the cPoller, use the select
> function with a timeout. Then you get exact error codes and all that.

All I'd like to do is to block until the requested data is ready and "r 
== 0" should just indicate that the FIFO was closed by xine.

But for any reason, "r == 0" happens still without the FIFO beeing 
closed. Can someone tell me, how to handle this situation properly?

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